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Would Aluminum Circle Rust After Long-term Service

April 23, 2018

Would aluminum circle rust after long-term service? Many people have such a doubt because items made of iron get rusty easily after a period of time of usage. Sickles and knives have to be sharpened from time to time, or else their edges become blunt. Those who own aluminum items may have the impression that aluminum rusts quickly, too, for a dark layer of material appears soon on the surface of these items. However, the dark material is not corrosion but aluminum oxide.

aluminum circle

According to exports in our workshop, when workers manufactures aluminum discs they add other metal elements of good corrosion resistance, like manganese, to aluminum materials. Therefore, finished aluminum circles show excellent anti-rust property. If you own an aluminum pot, you will find a thin layer of oxidized film on its surface. To improve wear resistance and service life of aluminium discs, manufacturers usually put them into special process to thicken the oxidized layer. Although the layer is only 0.00001mm thick, it protects pots from possible corrosive materials.

In our daily life people usually clean items made of aluminum circles with steel wire balls or even sand papers. As as matter of fact, this method is not recommendable. Strong force in cleaning removes the protective film easily from the surface of an aluminum item. Then interior aluminum is exposed to the air. Aluminum element is so active that it reacts to oxygen in the air quickly and another lay of protective film comes into being. If you stick to the cleaning method, your aluminum pot will get thinner and thinner. Haomei Aluminum produces aluminum disc circles of all common specifications. Customization is also acceptable. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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