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Raw material aluminium slugs 1070

July 8, 2020

An ordinary grade for raw material aluminium slugs is 1070. 1070 is featured by high plasticity and erosion resistance, made into aluminum slugs of 5mm-110mm big, 1.4mm-25mm thick, and 17HB-21HB hard. 1070 grade is constituted of 99.7% aluminium and 0.3% Si, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mg, Zn etc., ranking top in softness of all aluminium alloys. Excellent heat and electricity conductivity add scope to its applications. 1070 slugs are mainly used to stretch into various aluminum tubes, such as cosmetic packaging tubes, glue tubes, medical hoses, perfume bottle caps, capacitor shells, lighter shells, marker tubes, capacitor tubes, aerosol cans, Cigar pipe, paint tube, etc.

Raw material aluminium slugs 1070

Except for 1070, raw material aluminium slugs cover alloyed aluminium of 3003, 6063 and 6061, each characterized by varied mechanical properties and further processing methods. Production for aluminum slugs 1070 and other alloys consists of smelting, rolling, stamping, annealing and surface finishing. Aluminium ingots of given grades are smelted and then cast into narrow strips of different width. The strips are then hot rolled and cold rolled into strips of wanted thicknesses. Up to now, the thickness of desired aluminium slugs have been achieved from raw materials. Now comes the stamping process, during which sizes of the slugs begin to take shape. Coiled strips are sent into a stamping unit, composed of around 5 machines, and stamped into particles of designed shapes and sizes. These particles, however, are not ready for packaging because of their rough surface. To solve the problem, surface treatment is carried out by the means of sandblasting or vibrating. Aluminium slugs with smooth surface and perfect sizes come into being eventually.

Raw material aluminium slugs 1070 find its applications in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electrical, and automotive industries as tubes, cans etc. If you need aluminium slugs for tubes, cans and shells, welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for a formal quotation!

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