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Factors Influencing Aluminium Foil Price

May 23, 2018

Experienced purchasers would find that aluminium foil price varies from day to day. However, it seems to be difficult to figure out a rule. As a matter of fact, there are some factors influencing aluminium foil price regularly. If you pay close attention to information about these factors, you can buy aluminum foil at relatively low prices.

aluminium foil price

What factors influence aluminium foil price, then? The first is price of raw materials. Owing to the fact that the instant price of aluminium ingots changes daily, it’s necessary to check it from time to time. If you are observant enough, you may even find out some rules. The second factor is manual work cost that has a lot to do with local commodity price level. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose suppliers from a country with stable economic situation, which guarantees not only stability of aluminium foil price but also punctuate shipment of products. The third factor is aluminum foil specification. If you want foils of mill finish, you will pay less than if you want color coated foils, because the latter takes more complex process. The fourth factor is delivery cost, which has something to do with petrol price and specific distance. The last factor is local policy. Tax rate proves to be the most influential. Take a previous piece of news for example. The Trump administration decided to collect high taxes on imported aluminum alloys from China, and local aluminium foil price would raise if American aluminum foil buyers continued to import from China. If, on the other hand, Trump raised taxes on exported aluminum foil, price of the foil would be higher for exporters than for local businessmen.

In a word, factors influencing aluminium foil price include instant price of aluminium ingots, manual work cost, aluminium foil specifications, delivery cost and tax rate. Buyers should pay close attention to these factors before putting an order.

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