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Anti-skid anodized aluminium sheet

November 8, 2019

The name of an anti skid anodized aluminium sheet is a little confusing, for it refers to an aluminium sheet that is anodized and anti-skid at the same time. When we speaking of anodized aluminium sheets, we usually indicate sheets with flat surfaces that are anodized. Although there are many types of aluminium sheets, only one of them have the function of skid resistance, namely, the aluminium checker plate, also known as aluminum tread plate or aluminum cheaquer(ed) plate. Therefore, an anti skid anodized aluminium sheet is actually an aluminum checker plate whose surface has been anodized.

anti skid anodized aluminium sheet

By patterns on the surface there are anti skid anodized aluminium sheets of five bar, diamond, three bar etc. Plates with other patterns, like ripple, hammer and stucco, are more frequently used as decorative rather than anti-skid materials, for the height of these patterns are so small that they have little anti skid performance. In contrast, patterns like five bar and diamond are arranged on the plate surface in a particular design, bars in different directions forming angles that prove to be the most strong in geometrical concept. This substantially improves the wear resistance of an aluminium sheet.

By alloys there are anti skid anodized aluminium sheets of 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063 and 6082, which roughly fall on four series: 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx. 1xxx aluminium is the cheapest, showing poorest corrosion resistance, although this can be improved by anodizing process. 3xxx and 5xxx have a stronger hardness and corrosion resistance than 1xxx sheets, especially 5xxx. Boasting excellent inner structure, 5052 and 5754 anti skid aluminium sheets display an outstanding anodizing effect. The 6xxx anti skid anodized aluminium sheet is the hardest of all these alloys. It is an excellent material for anti-skid flooring of buses, coaches, stair steps, convention stands etc.

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