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Aluminum Skin Sheets For Pipeline

November 21, 2022

After the installation of pipeline, external aluminum skin sheets for pipeline protection is often required, especially the long-term exposure of outdoor pipelines to wind and sun aging is too fast, and the outer sheath is not only more beautiful, but also prolongs its service life indefinitely. Commonly used outer protection materials include galvanized iron sheet, aluminum skin sheet, stainless steel sheet, color steel and other materials. In fact, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the more expensive ones are better. The prices of these materials are from low to high. Galvanized iron sheet— Color steel plate – aluminum sheet – stainless steel.

aluminum skin sheets for pipeline

Iron sheet insulation and aluminum skin sheets for pipeline insulation are the construction of an outer protective layer on the pipeline that has been insulated to protect the insulation material from seasonal or external damage and prolong the insulation life. With excellent tensile strength, electrical conductivity, high formability, aluminum skin sheets for can meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching) requirements. The thermal insulation aluminum skin sheet of Haomei Aluminum eliminates internal stress and does not deform when cutting.


Performance advantages of aluminum skin sheets for pipeline:

1, As a high-purity aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet has a large latent heat of fusion and a large light reflection coefficient.

2, Aluminum skin sheet has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and weldability.

3, It can meet the conventional processing requirements, stamping, stretching, and high formability.

4, Haomei Aluminum supports customization, and there are thermal insulation aluminum skin sheet, pipe aluminum skin sheet, embossed aluminum skin sheet, rust-proof aluminum skin sheet, you can choose.

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