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Polished Aluminium Mirror Sheet Metal of Super Reflectivity

November 15, 2018

The phrase “aluminium mirror sheet” is a general name for all polished and anodized mirror aluminum sheet metals. It’s further divided into types of standard, high and super high reflectivity. Polished aluminium mirror sheet metal of super reflectivity has a reflectivity of 95%, the highest as known in the market.

polished aluminium mirror sheet metal

Polished aluminium sheet of super reflectivity is regarded as a novel and grand polished metal mirror. In comparison to traditional glass mirrors, it weighs less and has high adaptability to various processing requirements. You can cut it into smaller pieces of various shapes, emboss it with random designs and perforate it easily with holes for screws. The hardness of its surface can compete with that of blue diamonds, resistant to regular scratching forces. Perfect surface of a polished aluminium sheet spares people from fussy treatment steps in manufacturing it into various products, which eventually reduces production cost. Weighing only one third of stainless steel, it has an excellent working property. The anodized film on its surface shines with uniformly even color and lasts forever unless hit by strong exterior forces. The polished aluminum mirror sheet displays strong resistance against static electricity, good electromagnetic wave shielding ability and excellent heat conductivity. It’s difficult for people to leave finger prints on the sheet’s surface, and in case of stains, the surface can be cleaned easily. These advantages make aluminium mirror sheet especially suitable as a raw material for precise electronic products. Generally speaking, the sheet reaches a tensile strength from 160 to 200Pa and elongation of 2%.

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