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Is it safe to use pots made of aluminum round disc

April 23, 2019

Pots made of aluminum round disc keeps being popular in spite of people’s concern about health problems they may bring about. Are you also worried in usage of aluminum pots? As an aluminum wafer supplier, we do not give you a specific answer like yes or no, but if you are still using aluminum pots, here is some knowledge you may need.

Is it safe to use pots made of aluminum round disc?

This is a picture with a pile of aluminum round disc and an aluminum disc pot.

First, almost all aluminum pots are made of alloyed aluminum round disc pieces rather than pure industrial ones. It’s being acknowledged universally that excessive taking of aluminium does harm to human body, but no experiments have made it legal that aluminum leads to diseases doubted to be relative with it. Nevertheless, we still advise you to use aluminum disc pots carefully. They are only suitable as soup pots rather than firing pots, for seasonings are likely to have reaction with aluminum in the firing process. Many pressure pots are made of aluminum disc pieces, and the pots are painted with a non-stick layer. You can just use them freely.

Second, is it safe to continue using an aluminum round disc pot that have become black? The answer is a definite YES. The surface of an aluminum pot gets black because the aluminum wafer reacted to ferric salt in water. Active aluminum element take place of iron element in the ferric salt, and black iron element is left on the surface. That’s how a pot becomes black. If you feel at ease in using an iron pot, there’s no need for you to worry about a black aluminum pot.

Not all aluminum disc pots, however, become black after being used. Three conditions must be satisfied at the same time to have an aluminum pot become black. First, there is sufficient ferric salt in the water. Second, the cook time is long enough. Third, the pot is new. Because old pots have a layer of aluminum oxide which acts as a protective layer against ferric salt. Therefore, if you want to prevent your pot from becoming black, just try to avoid any of the three conditions above.

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