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How to polish aluminium to a mirror finish reflector sheet

April 4, 2019

Aluminum mirror sheet is among the most widely applied ferrous metal. With fast economic development, it is more and more widely used in roofing, interior decoration and advertising. How to polish aluminium to a mirror finish reflector sheet? Generally there are two ways: physical polishing and chemical polishing.

Aluminum reflector sheet suppliers usually adopt the chemical method, which are further divided into four types.

1. Anodizing, which means to remove the alumina above the outer shell of the aluminum sheet for effective polishing.

how to polish aluminum to a mirror finish sheet

2. Electrolytic polishing, which adopts electrolytic polishing in the use of chemical reactionas the anode. Insoluble metal is cathode immersed in the electrolytic cell and exerted on the direct current. The anodized aluminum is dissolved and disappears from sheet surface.

3. Chemical polishing can be used as a pre-treatment step for protective decorative plating, or as a pre-treatment step for chemical film formation such as phosphating. If the rust-proof passivation solution is immersed before painting, the alumina on the surface of the aluminum mirror sticker sheet can be eliminated.

4. After the anodization of the electrolysis reaction, the color is formed, various colors are formed on the oxide film, and then coloring is performed, which is determined according to your requirements.

Physical polishing can be carried out in the following steps.

1. First grind with a small grinding wheel that repairs the small plate of the circuit board, and then grind with the finest sandpaper.

2. Then polish successively with the following tools: Crude oil stone 400#—fine oil stone 600#—fine sandpaper 800#—metallographic sandpaper W5—grinding paste polishing.

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