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Color mirror aluminum sheet used in curtain walls

August 15, 2019

Thanks to fast development in science and technology, the color mirror aluminum sheet comes into being and brings more beauty to our world. This sheet is actually a type of mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet, which has been discussed in previous articles. Different from a regular piece of aluminum mirror sheet, anodized sheets have gone through an extra anodizing process. That’s how they obtain colors on the surface. Anodizing is one of the most frequently applied color coating process in aluminium processing industry, and its effect is more lasting and better than simple paint coating.

color mirror aluminum sheet

A color mirror aluminum sheet is applied in decoration and construction. Some time ago, a foreign school built a new teaching building whose curtain walls consist of pieces of color coated aluminium sheets and aluminum mirror sheets. The lower part of the building has seven colors and the upper part reflects trees of the playground. It seems as if the upper part of the building disappears into the air suddenly. This is a perfect application example of both color coated aluminium and aluminium mirror sheet. Functioning as a mirror, a mirror aluminum sheet changes people’s sense of space in a building.

Color mirror aluminum sheets are lighter than other metal materials for wall curtains, such as steel and glass. It has a stronger corrosion resistance than mill finish aluminium sheets and common polished aluminium mirror sheets, for the anodizing layer serves as an effective protector of the sheet’s service. Weather conditions like rains, winds, snows and frosts are the best checker of the quality of an aluminum sheet. Color mirror alu sheets help architects to create ideal design styles around the world.

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