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1070 Aluminum Coil Stock

May 21, 2018

1070 aluminum coil stock belongs to 1000 series of aluminum alloy. It has weaker strength in comparison with alloys of other series, because 99.7% of its content is aluminum. Owing to high aluminum content, it’s also referred to as pure aluminum. Pure aluminum displays good ductility, that’s why aluminum coil stock can be processed into extremely thin aluminum foils for food wrapping, air-conditioning etc. Although 5000 series of aluminum plates are normally regarded as anti-rust series, 1070 aluminum shows excellent rust resistance as well. Once exposed to the air, aluminum has chemical reaction with oxygen quickly, producing a layer of protective material against further oxidation or other active elements. High heat and electric conductivity widens its application scope to household industries. The most important factor for its popularity, however, falls on low cost. Unlike other aluminum series that mix aluminum with different metals to obtain various properties, pure aluminum like 1070 aluminum coil stock has simpler processing steps, which reduces cost substantially. Further more, its recyclable value is much higher than iron or steel. It takes less money and procedures to reuse it.

aluminum coil stock

Generally speaking, 1070 aluminum coil stock is usually used for further process. It can be embossed with designs of diamond, willow leaves, pearls etc, and the cut into aluminum tread plates for various applications. It can be further processed into aluminum circles or slugs that will become raw materials for tubes, cans, pans, pots and housings. To cater for aesthetic requirements of consumers, manufacturers will coat aluminum products with unique colors or pictures after having aluminum coil stocks go through an anodizing process. Haomei Aluminum supplies aluminum coil stock of all alloys. Other products like aluminum strip, sheet, circle and foil are available as well. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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