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1060 Aluminum Coil

May 10, 2018

1060 aluminum coil, a type of industrial pure aluminum, contains 99.6% aluminum. It displays white color on the surface. Its density drops with rise of purity or temperature of the coil. Owing to singular production process and mature manufacturing technology, it costs less than top-class aluminum alloys. This type of coil shows good tensile strength and elongation percentage, meeting requirement of common processing steps like punching and stretching. Besides, 1060 aluminum coil displays strong hardness, excellent machinability, high heat and electrical conductivity, good plasticity, satisfying welding property and extraordinary corrosion resistance. It withstands all kinds of processing pressure and shape changes like bending and extending, but it can not be hot treated which is suitable only for even stronger aluminum alloys.

1060 aluminum coil

The general thickness of 1060 aluminum coil ranges between 0.10mm and 0.3mm. Tempers include O, H18, H22, H24 etc, from soft to hard. 1060 aluminum coil  covers a wide scope of application. Representative usages comprise aluminum plastic panels, lighting material, power battery cover, road sign boards, heat exchangers, decorative aluminum etc. Haomei aluminum manufactures aluminum coil of all alloys, including 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3004, 3005, 2014, 2a11, 3a21, 5005 etc. Color coated aluminum coil or sheet is also available. Our workshop is equipped with 10 continuous casting and rolling lines, 6 casting production lines, 1+4 hot tandem rolling line, 7 cold rolling lines and 10 foil rolling lines. Our sales team have over ten years experience in export. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com or wechat/what’sapp 0086 15838029491 for more information!

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